Monday, September 17, 2012

Parabola Activity

I can't wait to use this (review) activity with my Precalc class.  As the students come in the room, I'll hand them a parabola graph card.  They will go to three different areas and pick up the equation card, the axis of symmetry card and the vertex card.  

There are only 12 of each, so I made two sets.  One set is shown and the other one is printed in blue, green, teal and purple.  I will post the answers on the smart board for them to self-check.  

This isn't my original idea.  Credit to follow...

Patterns Activity

Today, my Math for College Readiness classes started the section on Patterns and Iterations.  Ahead of time, I made 8 sets of 5 colored cards.  On each colored card, I wrote 4 or 5 terms of a sequence.  Students' desks are already in groups of 3.  Each group got one set of cards and a half-sheet worksheet.  On the worksheet, students brainstormed to come up with the pattern for each sequence and the next 5 terms.

It was definitely a success!  They enjoyed the challenge and worked well together.  One of my sequences was O, T, T, F, F,...  Most of them were able to figure it out without a hint.

Patterns Activity

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Geometry Basic Figure Review

Earlier this month I came across an idea from @misscalcul8 that was apparently taken from @msrubinmath!  So I carried on the tradition and modified it slightly myself,  making it totally on the computer, no bad handwriting days!

I printed out 7 copies on a color laser printer and laminated them, then cut out all the pieces of 6 of them.  The seventh one is my master.  I also printed out 6 blank copies and laminated them.  Each set of 30 cards was put in a baseball card protector, hole-punched then put on a ring.

Today, was the day I got to use it with my 3 Geometry/Geometry Honors classes.  Their desks (individual tables) are already in groups of 3, so each group got a laminated blank worksheet, a set of 30 laminated cards and a blank worksheet for each student to fill out and save as notes.  The students were shown how to get started using the document camera, then they set to work.  As each group finished, they asked me to check their answers before they filled out their own worksheet.

Two classes went by before I thought that I should take pics for the blog!  And of course, all I had was my cell phone!  They didn't turn out too bad.
 Credit: @msrubinmath

Credit: @misscalcul8

My blank version...

My master copy...

Geometry Basic Figure Review