Saturday, August 31, 2013

First 2 Weeks of School

It has taken me 3 weeks to consider writing another blog post.  I guess I've gotten into a rut of only writing about my projects and posting pictures.  As I try to think what I could post about, it hit me.  This is a blog.  I can write about anything (school related).

Well, let me start back in the beginning of August.  My principal asked me if I was still interested in coaching the varsity cheerleaders!  I had shown interest in May, but they had hired a friend of mine.  Actually, I was relieved!  So you can imagine my stress at being asked when she took the Elementary Asst. Principal's job and gave it coaching!  Of course, I said yes.  We started practice on August 12th and have had 2 games so far.  The girls have asked on a few occasions if they could cross a cheer off the list but I allowed them to take some creative freedom (with my suggestions and approval) and change them.  We have had several compliments on the new and improved versions!  I want them to feel like they have a say (within reason).

This year, I also made the decision to continue being the PBS Coach.  We haven't had administrative support for the last couple of years, so I wasn't sure if I still wanted to do it.  Since I said yes, we have scheduled our PBS Team meetings for every other month, scheduled mentoring for the months with no PBS meeting, sketched out mentoring ideas for the first couple meetings and rewarded our students for their FCAT scores from last year.  We took 48 students to the theater for their scores of 3.5 or higher on the writing portion of the FCAT this past Friday.  On Thursday, we walked 130 or so (197 deserved it, but chose not to go) to the nearby park and grilled hot dogs.  Those students received 3s, 4s or 5s on Reading and Math FCAT as well as the EOCs.  We had asked for donations last year for prizes for a raffle for those who received 4s and 5s.  We gave our over 20 prizes including 2 ipod shuffles and 2 Kindles.

Since I am officially a coach, I need to attend the Booster Club meetings each month.  It gives me the opportunity to help as well as work for funds for the cheerleaders' travel expenses, including concession stand duty.

As well as being a Varsity Cheerleader, my youngest daughter is a senior this year!  The parents of the senior class had a meeting on August 27th to discuss/start planning Project Graduation, and I left that meeting as the Secretary!  Sure, I have plenty of time...LOL!  We have so many things planned...selling Krispy Kreme donuts, creating/selling cookbooks (I'm on that committee), multiple BBQ dinner sales, raffling a rifle or shotgun (we are a small rural community where everyone has a hunting rifle!), etc.  We are going to try to participate in all our local festivals throughout the year too, selling food and our cookbooks.  Please send me a comment if you have any fundraising ideas to share!

The day after the Project Graduation meeting, I became a member (not an officer) of the SAC (School Advisory Committee).  I am there as the PBS Coach, because we have reward ideas that need funding. 

WHEW!!!  Considering all my new undertakings and the fact that our whole school is contained in one side of our campus (we are under construction for a new school), I am having a terrific year!  My classes are well-behaved, smart, eager!!!