Thursday, July 19, 2012

Leaving a Legacy Theme

This year we have chosen the theme "Leaving a Legacy".  We want to encourage our students to strive hard and leave their legacy on the school as well as give them some insight into the people that left a legacy in each of our subjects.  I created a 18"x24" display from a piece of coroplast (like political signs) and its stand, bent to sit on the top of my book shelves.  The coroplast was covered in same type of fabric used throughout my room.  A title was added and 2 sheet protectors were attached side by side under the title.

For my first display of the year, I chose Blaise Pascal.  The first page is his picture which will be placed in the sheet protector on the left. The second is a bulleted version of his biography and will go in the sheet protector on the right.  Under the biography, I have included 3 QR codes for additional websites.  My students can use a barcode scanner on their smart phones to go directly to those sites.

Throughout the year, I will change the featured mathematician.  Others I plan on highlighting are Rene Descartes, M.C. Escher, Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll), Heinz-Otto Pietgen (professor at FAU, my alma mater), Pythagoras, Pierre De Fermat and others whose names escape me!

Make your own QR Codes.

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