Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Standards for Mathematical Practices Bulletin Board

Everyone had his/her own version of a Standards for Mathematical Practices bulletin board/display. Sarah at EverybodyIsAGenius posted her kid-friendly version of the MPs.  I took her idea and made it into a bulletin board.

A month or so back, I made 5 multi-colored owls on my Cameo and wanted to use them in some way to decorate my room.  I modeled them after an owl border I bought at Dollar Tree.  Sunday, I made 3 more and decided they would go on a MP bulletin board.

I used Sarah's version, chose a cute font (HelloQueenie) and printed them out on colored scrapbook paper that matched the bellies of my owls. I decided to use the purple background owl duct tape as my border.

While at school on Sunday, I completed one bulletin board and started three more.  I have been waiting for our laminating film to come in to laminate all my decorations, but it's not looking like we will have if before our first week back.  So, I went ahead and started on my boards.

Once I get my room ideas done, I can get back on the reorganization/planning of my classes.  After attending a Common Core training last week, I need to get busy before I forget what I learned.  Watch for a post on my progress...

Here's the bulletin board...


  1. Adorable!! Thanks for sharing, I love this and I love the fonts. Will be downloading them for sure. How did you make the title of the bulletin board?

  2. Thank you!! That is a HUGE compliment coming from you, one of my inspirations!! I used my Silhouette Cameo (similar to Cricut, but more versatile) for the title as well as the owls. The font is Hello Queenie.

  3. I loved this bulletin board so much I made one for my classroom! Thanks so much for sharing this cute idea :)

  4. Thank you, Jamie! I would love to see a picture!!