Thursday, April 25, 2013

Instant Data

A while back I pinned a site about obtaining data and displaying it in a way that was easy to read.  This week I used that idea for my Math for College Readiness students.  They were assigned the "Are You Ready?" section at the beginning of chapter 11 and were told to do the best they could, that I wanted to see what they know and it wouldn't be taken as a grade.

Ahead of time I created the answer sheet below.

After they were done, they graded their own work and shaded all of the ones that were incorrect.  They were more inclined to mark them wrong because they knew I wasn't actually taking it for a grade, but using it to drive my instruction (not the words I use with them!).  I used my handy dandy paper trimmer (that I couldn't live without!!) and trimmed the answer sheets down to the strip of boxes, which had their name in the top box and lesson number at the bottom.

I used a 12'x18' sheet of paper and glued them down, lining up the problem numbers.  Now at a glance I can see which ones I need to work on for the whole class and which ones to differentiate.  At the end of the chapter, I am going to assign the even problems from the same "Are You Ready?" and compare the results to the pre-test.

Here's what it looks like for 1st period...

And a close-up of the data...

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