Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Triangles: Writing Congruence Statements

To explain the basics of triangle congruence, I created an activity (2-up) for the INB.  I continue to push my kids into reading and following directions without me explaining them or them asking a million questions.  I do remind them to "read and follow each step before moving on to the next one".

I had pre-cut colored paper into 8 pieces so their 2 triangles would fit into the top two-thirds of the page.  I like using the brad to show them that the triangles will not always have the same orientation.

I think the next time we use this activity I might have them cut out the table at the bottom of the worksheet and glue it into their INB instead of having them drawing a table like mine above.  If so, I will have to revamp the steps on the activity.

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  1. I’m gonna use this to show the properties of parallelograms. When you rotate the triangle so the diagonals meet then students can see why opposite sides are congruent, and why opposite angles are congruent as well as the fact that a diagonal creates 2 congruent triangles.